Fairy Basics

Fire Fairy - TS25
Water Fairy - TS33
Light Fairy - TS41
Dark Fairy - TS45

Fairies awarded from Timestone missions. Their max power is 50%

@ A fairy's element is given to its owner.

@ A fairy can have one of 4 properties - fire, water, light and dark.

@ A Fairy has its own mood that can affect their capabilities.

Strengthening your Fairy

@ When you equip a fairy it will strengthen its elemental properties based on a unique leveling system. Once a Fairy obtains the required amount of XP it will increase by 1% to its element. (Fairy power*Fairy power+50. Example: 1% fairy requires 1*1+50= 51 kills to "level up". 10% fairy is 10*10+50= 150 kills to become 11%)

@ Fairies gain XP in a different way then characters do. Instead of gaining XP based on how much a monster gives out, fairies gain 1 XP per monster hunted that is not more then 10 levels below the charater's level.

Fairy's Mood / Food

@ Fairies have their own lives and their powers vary according to their moods.

@ First time fairies have the worst moods, which are lifted up as the character spends more time with them.

Fairy's Mood Change

* For 5 Minutes Not feeling good status Only 20% of its full power can be used.
* 10 Minutes Feeling so so status Only 50% of its full power can be used.
* 15 Minutes Feeling good status Only 80% of its full power can be used.
* After 30 minutes Feeling best status 100% of its full power can be used.

Disarming the fairy or not feeding it will turn the status back to 'Not feeling good'.

@ Fairies automatically eat from the owner's inventory every 30 minutes.


@ If fairy can't find food from your inventory, it will get on bad mood.
@ Fairy will take food from first food slot it finds. So place the fairy food in your first slot like bacon& eggs.

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