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1: Hunt 5 Baby Dander

2: Catch a Chicken (use pet capture skill)

3: Kill 3 Weak Seedle

4: Talk to Calvin Coach

5: Talk to Calvin Coach
-kill 5 dander
-speak with Calvin Coach

6: Talk to Mimi Mentor
-talk to Malcolm Mix

7: Talk to Malcolm Mix
-talk to Teoman Topp

8: Talk to Teoman Topp
-talk to Eva Energy

9: Talk to Mimi Mentor
-do timestone lv1
-talk to Mimi Mentor

10: Talk to Mimi Mentor
-do timestone lv5
-talk to Guard sam

11: Speak with Guard Jim
-kill 6 happy wooly
-talk to Guard jim

12: Talk to Mimi Mentor
-catch a happy wooly

13: Move to designated spot in Nosville Meadows

14: Timestone lv8
-talk to Mimi Mentor

15: Make a refined gold necklace using the adventurer toolkit

16: Talk to Soraya Style

17: Take lunchbox to Calvin Coach

18: Talk to Malcolm Mix
-collect 5 red fruit from monsters in timestone lv10
-speak with Malcolm Mix

19: Speak with Eva Energy
-collect 5 (x2?) small beans
-talk to Eva Energy

20: Timestone lv12
-kill 10 wolly, 6 rat, 3 hard pii-pod
-talk to Mimi Mentor

21: Talk to Mimi Mentor
6 dander seeds from weak toxic dander
4 seedle leaves from light seedle

22: Timestone lv14
-talk to mine manager
-find 3 hammers from monsters in lv15 timestone

23: Talk to Teoman Topp
-talk to Mimi Mentor

24: Talk to Mine Manager

25: Go into mines and talk to the mumbling Kovolts

26: Timestone lv16
-talk to Mimi Mentor
-bring raul 2 adventurer shoes

27: Timestone lv17
-talk to the mumbling kovolts

28: Talk to Mining Manager
5 happy miner
3 weak experienced miner

29: Kill:
10 happy miner
6 weak experienced miner

30: Talk to Mining Manager

31: Timestone lv18
-talk to Mimi Mentor
10 mandragora from happy mandra
15 dander seed from toxic dander
20 foxtail from baby fox
-talk to Mimi Mentor

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